These hydroelectric generators use brushless alternators for reliability and versatility. They produce 110-, 220- or 440V 'wild' (unregulated) AC, which is then stepped down with the supplied transformers and rectifiers.

Hydro Wheel and Motor:

The heavy-duty brushless alternator is mounted on an anodized aluminum turgo housing and uses the 4'' stainless steel Hartvigsen Turgo Runner for flows up to 400gpm and the ES&D bronze Turgo Runner for flows up to 500gpm. All units come with 4 nozzles for convenient adjustment to varying flows.

Pictured with 1 ½'' plastic nozzle holders. ¾'' brass nozzle holders are available for high pressure applications.
Base dimensions: 12'' x 12''. Skirt fits in 10.25''
Transformer/Rectifier Box:

Each unit comes complete with enclosed transformers, rectifiers, fuses, and amp meter.
The box must be mounted out of the weather, near the batteries.

No additional breakers or fuses are required.

Regulation is not supplied.

DC regulation is recommended as primary or backup regulation.
Intertie Systems:

2KW System:

Hydro Turbine with 2hp Alternator
240V/2KW Voltage Controller
2000W Intertie Inverter by PVPowered PVP2000,
                                 or SMA Sunnyboy 2000HFUS
Resistor Box 2000W
1 AC, 3-Phase, Fused Disconnect
Price: $6.000

4KW System:
20A at 240V
Hydro Turbine with 5hp Alternator
240V/4KW Voltage Controller:
4800W Intertie Inverter by PVPowered PVP4800,
                                 or SMA Sunnyboy 4000US
Resistor Box 4000W
1 AC, 3-Phase, Fused Disconnect
Price: $8.000
Hydro Intake
An essential part of a well functioning hydro system is a trouble-free water intake.
Our intake boxes are designed for flows of 5 to 50gpm with a 2'' pipe, or up to 200gpm with a 4'' pipe. They are built from salvaged redwood, with heavy-duty stainless steel screen and stainless steel screws. The box may be cemented, staked, or secured with rocks in the creek bed and will be completely submersed during high water.
Excess water washes over the screen, keeping it clean during times of high water, which usually carries a lot of debris and silt.
These boxes have been tested successfully in extreme conditions for about 30 years.
Screens last 5 - 10 years and are easily replaceable. Boxes last 10 - 15 years.
Barrel Housing for Hydro

A very simple solution to turbine installation, especially when access is difficult.
Model:        Max Power:        Flow Rate@50psi:        Transmission V:        Battery V:        Nozzles:        Wheel:        Price:      
HV1200        1200W             100GPM                 120/240/480VAC        12/24/48VDC         4          S/S Turgo     $3.600
HV2000        2KW                180GPM                 120/240/480VAC         12/24/48VDC        4          S/S Turgo      $4.200
HV4000        4KW                350GPM                 120/240/480VAC         24/48VDC            4           S/S Turgo     $6.000
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SMA Sunnyboy 4000US
SMA Sunnyboy 2000HFUS
PVPowered Intertie Inverter
HIP Voltage Controller