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Morningstar Relay Driver RD-1

The Relay Driver is a logic module which provides control functions such as high/low voltage alarms, load control and generator start for 12-, 24- or 48-volt battery systems. It controls four independent relay driver outputs by reading digital data inputs from Morningstar's TriStar controller or by reading battery voltage. Outputs can be used to operate a solid state relay with a coil voltage that is the same as the battery voltage used to power the relay driver. Maximum current for each output channel is 750 mA.
The Relay Driver may be mounted to a DIN rail and is fully programmable with the included PC software via serial RS-232 port connection. Dimensions are 6.4" x 3.2" x 1.3" and weight is 0.4 lb. Terminals can accept 16- to 24-AWG wire. Self consumption is less than 20 mA and the unit will operate from 8 to 68 volts DC. 3-year warranty.